Nichelle Ruffin-Smith, also known as Nikki, started out in life knowing she was sent to earth to do something extraordinary.  This connection with her soul's purpose and spiritual guide proved to be the saving grace for her, especially during her darkest hours.  As a child she learned early on to escape her outer world by retreating to her inner world of beauty, peace, and preparation.  


Although the journey was hard, and oftentimes her goals seemed significantly out of reach, Nichelle persevered.  Early in life the most extraordinary example of what success looked like were her two uncles, one who served in the Air Force and the other in the Army.  She longed to be the first female in her family to do what they had done and more.  Again, she accomplished that for almost 30 years.  The rewards were great.  However, the price was high.  During her military career, Nichelle became a single parent of a beautiful daughter, which changed the tide altogether.  Unlike many women facing this challenge, the birth of her daughter only convinced her to reach higher in her career in the Army.  Ultimately she completed her Bachelors in Individualized Studies, a Master's in the Humanities, and transitioned into the officer world but again there was a very high price to pay.  In all these achievements, her daughter experienced a lot of time away from her mother. 


As a newly retired Army Officer and CEO of Exhale to Excel Global Outreach and Empowerment ORG LLC, Nichelle does not spend any time in regret.  In fact she is counting her blessings and spends time sharing her story through social media, empowering other women, and serving as an advocate for STEM-A (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Art).  

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